Raspberry Pi

TW5 served by Express

Thursday, 24 Apr. 2014

In the second step we are going to build a single custom TW5 on the RPI and use the output folder as root for the "static" express server.

create a ...

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TiddlyWiki5 on RPI

Monday, 16 Sep. 2013

TiddlyWiki 5 on the Raspberry Pi

Use the following method to build and host TiddlyWiki 5 node edition on a Raspberry Pi.

This setup can be used on a Raspberry ...

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Autostart SFW-RPI

Friday, 14 Jun. 2013

Autostart SFW on startup of the Raspberry pi

With the following startup script we can run the Smallest Federated Wiki automatically on reboot of the RaspberryPi.

go to init.d ...

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Friday, 15 Feb. 2013

Hosting the Smallest Federated Wiki on a Raspberry Pi

This setup can be used on a Raspberry Pi (model B v.2) with a default raspian installation (Wheezy). 

The installation ...

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